October 12, 2015

My Great Uncle, Fred M. Fisher

My grandmother, Ollie B. (Fisher) Billman's older brother (below).  After the war, he returned to Lewisville (Monroe County), Ohio, where he went back to work at the Monroe County Bank (now United Bank) in the county seat, Woodsfield, OH.  He would rise to become president of the bank.  Upon his death, we inherited his Chrysler with the push-button transmission in the dashboard.

(This photo was taken in 1918 while he was still stationed in France.)

The front (above) and back (below) of a military postcard mailed from France in 1919.

The Graf Waldersee (below), a German ocean liner commandeered from Germany at the end of World War I.

The Graf Waldersee was used by the United States to bring back troops from Europe after the war.  Fred Fisher was among the troops returning from France on the ship's final voyage in August 1919.

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