November 1, 2016

History of My Grandfather’s General Store

From the Monroe County Beacon newspaper
Title: "Century Old Store Changes Ownership"

"Billman's Store" in Lewisville, [OH], which has served that community under various ownerships for the past one hundred years, was recently purchased by George Radon, of near Woodsfield, from the more recent-years owner, F.R. Billman, and has taken charge.

The new proprietor has had considerable experience in the general merchandising field, having been employed with the Kroger and Bailey Companies in Cleveland for a number of years, and he plans to operate the widely-known general store on the self-serve basis and by courteous service and quality merchandise, he hopes to continue the tradition of this fine and ancient store.

A Mr. Packenburg owned and operated the store many years ago and later sold his business to Frank and Charles Oblinger, Clem Oblinger later purchasing Frank's share.

On August 18, 1907, Mr. Billman was employed by the Oblinger's and in 1910 bought a one-third interest, the store being known at that time as the Oblinger, (Marion) Robinson & Company.  Prior to purchasing an interest in the store, Mr. Billman worked in the oil fields for five years.  He is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John H. Billman, of Lewisville.

In July, 1918, Mr. Robinson entered World War I, and Mr. Oblinger and Mr. Billman bought his interest in the store.  Mr. Oblinger died in December, 1920, and in January, 1921, Mr. Billman became sole owner.  Mr. Radon took possession June 1st.  He is a former Clevelander, coming here in 1943 and is a prosperous farmer in the Lewisville area.  Before coming to Monroe County he was Service Representative for Curtiss-Wright Corp. of Caldwell, New Jersey.  During World War II he served overseas as a Technical Representative.  His wife is the former Edith Faber, daughter of Amiel Faber and the late Mrs. Faber.  The Radon's have two sons: Robert, a student at The Ohio State University, Columbus; and Richard, at home.

Mrs. Billman, the retiring owner's wife, is the former O11ie B. Fisher daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Grant Fisher of Lewisville.  The Billman's have one daughter, Mrs. Frank (Grace) Stallings of Westerville, and one grandson, Robert Alan Stallings.

And with the passing of one era and the beginning of a new for the "Grand Old Store of Lewisville," the community's best wishes go to both the retiring and the new owner—F.R. Billman and George Radon&mdsh;for a long service that has been well done and a new that hopes to serve as in the past a modern setting.

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